Who is Ms. Carino?

Is Ms. Carino the name of the brand owner?

What is Ms. Carino doing? 

These are the various questions we have received from customers on a regular basis since 2013 when we founded the brand, and opened our first store at Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand.

But in fact, the name “Ms. Carino” comes from
CARINO in which it is an Italian word with meaning ‘beautiful, lovely’
“Ms.” is an honorific used for a girl’s name in the English language
When the two words are put together, they form the name "Ms. Carino"

Clothing and accessories brand for both women and children of beach wear, Summer dresses style

At this point, the questions of many people would already be answered. "Ms. Carino" is not the name of anyone. But it is a name that conveys;

  • What does the brand do

  • What kind of products are there

  • and whom products are for

“Ms. Carino” is an Asia-Europe brand, where it has ‘European style but with a sense of Asia’ where every pieces of clothing including accessories are produced and used various raw materials from Asia while still maintaining European colour, fashion, size and style.

In the initial stage, the brand launched with beach wear and summer dresses with focus on colours that are simple and easy to the eyes, which was well-received. Then, it was then developed to the current wide variety of products, be it the Summer or Winter Collection. Throughout the past, everyone has dedicated themselves into developing more diverse and better-quality products. Also, throughout, the one thing that the team has always adhered to is

"Love what you do and do what you love"

And we promise not to stand still, and will produce quality and beautiful products for every customer.

We have a storefront on a small island in the south of Thailand. Paradise island that is the dream and destination of many people - Koh Samui. The stores are colourful, pleasant to the eyes, decorated vintage style for the 3 branches which are at Chaweng, Bophut Beach and Fisherman Village.

Each branch is frequented with tourists and even locals who live on the island. 

Today we are very proud that our website is open for service. The website is accessible to everyone, regardless of where you are. We sincerely hope that everyone will love the products, clothes and other items that we enthusiastically present. We would like to use this opportunity to thank all customers for their trust and for having patronized us all the time. We look forward to being alongside perpetually.