Payment Security

All payments made to Ms. Carino are processed and operated securely by using the security system, Easy HTTPS (SSL) redirection, the credit card number, details of PayPal login, including details of 2checkout login. The transaction is secured by such system. In any case, Ms. CARINO is unable to view your credit card information, including name, number, expiration date, and CVV, including information of your PayPal or 2checkout accounts. We can only view Username or Email linked to your account.

Payment Methods

Ms. CARINO provides various convenient and rapid payment methods for customers, including credit card payment, PayPal and 2checkout or PayPal for PayPal payments.

** You don't need a PayPal account to use the option of credit card
** For the credit card payment, we only accept Visa and


Duplicate order                        

Oop!! I placed a duplicate order !!                              

Please email customer care at immediately so that we can investigate the issue and have the duplicate order payment reversed before it is processed .Any duplicate orders that have been shipped before Ms.Carino have been notified will be refunded once the order has been returned back to our return address .